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Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Inateck Bk1002E

Today, we are looking at BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard by Inateck. With so many keyboards to choose from, this keyboard stands out from the crowd for its distinctive features. It’s a lightweight wireless keyboard and is very comfortable to use. This keyboard has been designed to turn your iPad into a laptop, making it a great productivity tool when you are using iPad for office work.


The BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard is a good replacement for the Apple Wireless Keyboard, with all keys in same locations and same dimensions. It is very comfortable and feels no different than any other keyboard. There are few controls on top of keyboards as well such as brightness and volume control, and basic word processing controls. You can easily hold it with your tablet in one hand.

BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard


It uses Bluetooth 3.0 for connection, transfers up to 24 mbs, which is 8x more than Bluetooth 2.0 standard. It has high speed connection and takes two AAA rechargeable batteries. It has simple connection like any Bluetooth device. BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard is fully functional with Mac OS/iOS, Android and Windows and even a PC version for Windows users.


Light and portable

Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth

The keyboard is a perfect choice for travel. It is light, portable and connects to any Bluetooth enabled device. This easy to transport keyboard works anwhere anytime. Browsing the net or writing emails using BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard is much easier without wording about smudging the screen. Inateck has also provided few controls on top to adjust brightness and volume control.

Great functionality

The design is pretty and provides the proper functionality to boot. The front of keyboard has main keys, along with hot keys at the top. Also, a battery light to warn you about low battery. At the back of keyboard, there is on and off switch and connect button, in addition to the battery compartment that includes two AAA batteries.

Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth Keyboard

Good Battery Life

BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard

The battery life of the keyboard is good and it runs on AAA batteries. It is fairly comfortable and price is amazing. It comes with integrated Li ionic accumulators and there’s no need of changing batteries. Also, Micro USB output allows you for easy charging. Some of the other striking features of this keyboard are low audible background noise, good keystroke, dust repellent and many more.


  • Cost efficient
  • Performs excellently
  • Turns your iPad to laptop
  • Comfortable to use

A quick look at Inateck BK1002E Bluetooth Keyboard

Specifications Details
Approximate Size 10.63 x 4.72 x 0.87 inches(285 x 120 x 22 mm)
Approximate Weight 9.8 ounces(277.8 grams)
Bluetooth Yes 3.0
Compatible With MacOS/iOS, Android and Windows
Batteries 2 AAA
Battery Life Up to 60 days
Palm Rest No

Pricing and Availability

The Inateck BK1002E is available for purchase at Amazon. Presently, it is available at discount and you will get at just $19.99.

Final Words

BK1002E Bluetooth keyboard is a great product and is priced at a point that any bargain hunter will love to purchase it. It is an excellent low-cost replacement for Apple Wireless Keyboard. At such price, you will not find any better alternative to highly priced Apple keyboard.

Let us know your views about this Inateck Bluetooth keyboard in the comments below.

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