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LastPass Families – A New Family-Focused Password Manager

LastPass Families

LastPass Families – Revamped Family Service

LastPass is a freemium password manager and has won good reviews from the users. It has now come up with a new family-focused service called LastPass Families. As the name implies, it is meant to help you securely store and share passwords and accounts of your entire family. It is now coming up with a new service to meet the needs of all family members.

Backup Plan

There’s a useful feature called Emergency Access. It offers designated members access to the stored information in unexpected situations. This Backup Plan keeps your data safe under normal circumstances and only releases to the family members when necessary.

LastPass Families

Unlimited Sharing

The new service comes packed with group features to meet family needs. It allows for up to six members to create as many folders as they want to store, share and access logins, passwords and more on any device. Each member has complete control about the information to be available. Also, you get unlimited sharing within the group with each folder having its own permissions for the members. For example, one can restrict their bank account details to another member. In other case, one can share their music subscription passwords to every member. This gives the flexibility to customize the details and the authority to be given to one another.

LastPass Families

Ease of Use

The working of LastPass Families is very simple. The one who pays for the subscription gets the rank of lead family manager. He also has the power to add and remove family members. He can also designate additional managers.

LastPass Families

Get Early Access

The members of LastPass Premium get to try LastPass Families for free for six months. Also, one can sign up for early access to the company’s new plan irrespective of being a paying user or not. It will be available for a flat subscription fee. If you are also excited about trying it out, sign up and get in line for early access.
The details of the cost of the plan are not yet available but it will be offered at pocket-friendly prices. It is a big improvement over the current plan and focuses on family-oriented features.

So, what are your views about LastPass Families? Are you a LastPass user? Are you going to try it out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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