An Introduction to 1Password for Families

One of our favorite password managers, 1Password, is coming up with a new subscription plan for families. The company launches 1Password for families to help you manage passwords for up to 5 people at the cost of just $5 per month.

Let’s check out the details about 1Password for Families:

About 1Password for Families

1Password is a popular service allowing users to securely store their passwords. In a blog post, AgileBits, the company behind the service, talked about 1Password for Families, explaining that the service costs just $5 per month for five members, while additional people can be added for $1 per month.

1Password for Families

New Subscription Plan

The new subscription plan called 1Password for Families allow family members to have individual 1Password accounts in addition to a series of shared passwords synced between them. Thus, each one will have their own private passwords and also includes a shared stream of passwords that all members can access. For example, they can share a Netflix account to store their login information in the shared 1Password for Families account. Wi-Fi logins are another example that can be stored in such account. It can also be used to store and share credit card numbers, notes and other personal information.

1Password for Families

Cost Involved

The subscription service is available for $5 per month for a family of five and additional people can be added at $1 per month. As compared to its business solution, it is a lot cheaper. The subscription service can be really beneficial to parents. For example, they can choose to share password and can prevent kids from editing them. The family plan also handles password syncing quite well.

1Password for Families

Other Benefits

Early adopters who subscribe to 1Password for Families before March 21 will receive a $10 credit equivalent to two months of free access in addition to the benefit of inviting two extra family members for a total of 7 users per family account. They will also get double the secure storage amount for documents.

Also, you can test drive the 1Password for Families free of charge for a month before deciding to pay up.

Are you excited about 1Password for Families? Will you sign up? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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