LastPass Families – A New Family-Focused Password Manager

LastPass Families – Revamped Family Service LastPass is a freemium password manager and has won good reviews from the users. It has now come up with a new family-focused service called LastPass Families. As the name implies, it is meant to help you securely store and share passwords and accounts of your entire family. It

Password Boss: Password Manager Review

Meet Password Boss With increasing online threats and frauds, the consumers are becoming aware of the need for strong and unique passwords for every website. You cannot rely on weak or easy to remember passwords. The problem is that you need to make unique passwords for every website and thus, it becomes difficult to keep

An Introduction to 1Password for Families

One of our favorite password managers, 1Password, is coming up with a new subscription plan for families. The company launches 1Password for families to help you manage passwords for up to 5 people at the cost of just $5 per month. Let’s check out the details about 1Password for Families: About 1Password for Families 1Password

How to Use KeePass On Your Android Phone?

It is a pretty difficult task to come with unique passwords each time and then keeping them safe is another issue if you can’t remember all of them. As we use a large number of apps and services, we have lot many different passwords and thus, managing them is important. KeePass is an excellent alternative

DashLane 3 – A Password Manager Review

Dashlane is one of the best password managers. A password manager stores all information for website logins including username and password. Dashlane simplifies your online activity by storing usernames and passwords securely. It secures your online passwords with a single master password and stores the data locally wit AES-256 encryption. This robust password manager comes

1Password : Excellent Password Manager Review

In this digital world, you know the importance of online security. Having strong passwords is a necessity rather than a choice. Moreover, you need to change them regularly to avoid attacks to your personal data and information. 1Password is an amazing app that provides you quick access to strong password retrieval and generation for sensitive