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How to Click Better Pictures with Your Smartphone?

click better pictures

Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers pay a special focus on the camera quality of their smartphones. Even affordable smartphones are coming packed with stellar cameras. People are crazy about clicking and sharing their pictures on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Today, we discuss about some of the useful tips and tricks to click those perfect shots. Though the performance of a phone camera cannot be matched with that of the DSLR camera, but small tips can help you click better pictures.

Tips To Click better pictures with Smartphone Camera

Focus Feature

It is essential to focus the camera correctly on the right object to make the image better. So, rather than just pointing the camera at the scene, focus on the area you want sharpest in the picture. Most smartphones come with auto focus feature and as soon as the phone sees the face, it focuses on that. You can refocus after taking a shot as well to get the best picture.

click better pictures

Don’t Zoom Pictures

Smartphone cameras come with digital zoom function but you can see that the images degrade when zoomed. You can even see in the liveview preview that the image noticeably loses its quality. On the other hand, if you choose to crop instead of zoom, the picture quality is not affected. For example, if your smartphone has 13MP camera, and use cropping, you still left with plenty of resolution for the display.

Lighting Effect

When pictures are shot in flat light, you can easily see the impressive amount of detail. The better the light, the clearer is the image likely to be. If possible, shoot pictures outside or turn on lights when shooting inside. Some smartphone cameras come with built-in flash and light to add clarity to the picture even when you are shooting outside.

Click Better Pictures

Get Close

Most smartphone cameras really shine out when you get close to the subject. The phone camera images tend to be small owing to low resolution and thus, it is essential to bring them close. The small sensor provides a wide depth of fields to get the entire objects in focus, letting you click better pictures.

Use HDR Mode Correctly

When you have the phone with an excellent HDR mode, you should use that. It often gives better contrast in images and helps you click pictures even in low light. It works to balance out the lighting in a picture and comes useful in high contrast situations such as sunset.

click better pictures

Keep it Steady

The steadier the phone camera is, the clearer will be the images. One useful trick is to lean the camera against the solid object when taking pictures. The phone camera takes time to capture the picture, depending on how much light is in the scene. It may automatically reduce the shutter speed. It is recommended to keep the phone steady for 2 more seconds even after the phone shows that the picture has been clicked. This lets you click better pictures.

Keep the Lens Clean

The phone’s lens should be clean. Often phones are kept in pockets, bags and used in all weather conditions. Fingerprints are a common problem on the camera lens. So, from time to time, you should clean the lens of your camera using a soft cloth.

click better pictures

Take Many Clicks

In the wake of getting that perfect shot, click a lot of pictures. This will give you lots of options and helps you find those expressing your unique perspective. You can also try comparing pictures with different lighting scenarios.

We hope that you find these useful tips to click better pictures helpful. If you have more suggestions, please feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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