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Is Omnity Search Better Than Google?

omnity search

Google has been ruling search for a very long time. Whether it is about brand or people, when you are at the top, others try to pull you down. Google is the most prominent search engine and search leads to successfully navigation of large sets of data. Though Google has competitors like Microsoft and Yahoo! in the search fields, but now a new entry has been made called Omnity Search.

What is Omnity?

Omnity is a new search engine that makes use of semantic technologies. It stands out by offering results that best match for any given search term and how those results relate to each other. Research is not an easy task and it tries to help in that quest of finding the right information by allowing users to search for information through context rather than via keywords. Yes, the keywords of an article help us to find the right information and details we need but in case, the keyword has been mislabeled, the whole avenue of exploration gets lost. As Omnity search scans the complete documents, it helps to resolve this problem to a great extent.

omnity search

How is it different from Google?

Omnity focuses on searching the hidden interconnections between different fields of knowledge. Omnity founder refuses to call it a competitor of Google and thinks he could buy Google.

What the Co-founder says about Omnity?

“The Omnity product highlights several unusual features,” said Brian Sager, Omnity co-founder and CEO. “First, Omnity allows users to use entire documents as a search query, eliminating the need to select arbitrary keywords for a search. Second, documents are interconnected based on the content within their text, not based on links or citations. In this manner documents with related content can be found even if they do not directly cite or link to one another. Third, this form of document interconnection takes place rapidly and on a massive scale, significantly augmenting user efficiency even in an ever-growing sea of big data.

How Omnity search works?

The best part of using Omnity is that you can drag and drop documents to get an analysis of “rare words” used. Omnity makes use of algorithms to find connections between the rarely shared words and then research those connections. Omnity promises a more thorough and creative search and is launched at a base price of $99 per month for researchers while the basic/academic version is free.

Omnity Search

For example, when you are starting a new research project, you can quickly see who is getting cited the most. You will also get to know whose research is the most influential. Omnity draws the results from various data sets such as scientific journals, financial reports, public news organization reports and more.

What is special about Omnity?

Omnity search engine allows you to use the complete document as a query instead of using just a keyword. It discovers the connected documents and finds related documents. It eliminates arbitrary keywords such as “the,” “he,” or “it” and looks for interconnections. The unique words are used to link the document to other that incorporate similar words, phrases or ideas.

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