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Fitbit for Windows Phone Updated With New Features

fitbit for windows phone

Fitbit has been available for Windows Phone users for long and now, it has been updated to include new features and improvements. Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness apps available for the users. It has received a new update for Windows Phone devices. This latest update brings new features, improvements as well as bug fixes.

The updated app comes with support for Mobile Run and Mobile Badges. Mobile Run gives the ability to lane runs, walks and hikes while regulating GPS in your Windows Phone. Mobile Run uses GPS sensor to record and track the exact route of your run and provide you useful statistics like pace per mile, distance and time. You just need to tap Track to start up the feature.

It also includes support for next Surge software update and when that update gets released for Surge, users will be able to view their tracked bike activities.

Here are the newly added features to v1.8 of Fitbit for Windows Phone:

Compete with friends

  • Join fitness challenges and celebrate your win with a new trophy
  • Rematch allows you to start a challenge again with same friends
  • New personal record and goal streak awards

Improvements to sleep tracking

  • Now, you can get a nightly sleep goal
  • Updated sleep graphs
  • Improved sleep history

Share Badges

  • You can now share badges outside of Fitbit as well

Bug fixes

  • Several bug fixes have been done

Fitbit for Windows Phone

The new graphs have more flair to them and the Cortana refinements are great. It is great to see Fitbit for Windows Phone getting better with each update. We are eagerly waiting to sync our new Fitbit Surge to Windows Phone.

Download Fitbit for Windows Phone today!

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