Eat This Much, a Personal Meal Planner, Our App of the Week

Though there is no dearth of health apps that helps us to meet our fitness goals by providing us information on nutrition and diet. But, Eat This Much, our app of the week, is different and more useful. The app is a useful meal planner that automatically creates meal plans to meet the diet goals

Fitbit for Windows Phone Updated With New Features

Fitbit has been available for Windows Phone users for long and now, it has been updated to include new features and improvements. Fitbit is one of the most popular fitness apps available for the users. It has received a new update for Windows Phone devices. This latest update brings new features, improvements as well as

Top 8 Gym Companion Apps for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Store has a great selection of gym companion apps to help you get fit. These specific fitness apps do the job of a personal trainer, a running coach and a dietician to help you in maintaining good health. [leaderad] So here we go – the top gym companion apps for Windows Phone to

Top 7 Health And Fitness Apps

Today, we use phones for most of the tasks, from taking pictures, playing music, running games, and a lot more. The most exciting development is how our phones are helping us to get in shape. There are many health and fitness apps that help you in achieving your fitness goals. We have researched, used and