15 Awesome Windows Run Commands

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Windows Run Command is one of the best utilities we have on the Windows Platform. This post talks about useful commands that one can use to run programs, software and utilities. These commands help you bypass a series of clicks and makes things faster in your daily usage of Windows. You can get access to Run with keystroke Win + R in Windows 8. For previous versions, it can be accessed from the start menu or using the same combination Win + R.

Let’s have a look at popular Windows Run Commands:

1) control

Many few people know this command to open Control Panel directly. Simply type Control in the run command box and control panel will be opened. It is a quick way to get to control panel settings and make the desired changes.

2) cmd

To open command prompt, type cmd in the run command. You will be able to open command prompt without administrative privileges.

Windows Run Commands

3) \

This is a lesser known Run command. When you want to open C drive quickly, simply press \ in the run command box. It is the easiest way to go to your C drive.

4) cleanmgr

The easiest way to clean up the junk files is to enter cleanmgr in the command prompt. From here, you can select the drive you want to clean and click ok. Your computer will scan the drive for junk files and cleans them up.

Windows Run Commands

5) mstsc

Enter mstsc in the Run dialog box and it will open the Remote Desktop Connection app. From here, you can connect your computer to another computer over the local network or via internet.

Windows Run Commands

6) msinfo32

The simplest way to view complete system information is by using this command. Type msinfo32 in Run dialog box and you will get all the hardware and software information you need to know about the system.

Windows Run Commands

7) mrt

With this command, you will get quick access to Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Windows releases a newer version of the tool each month and it helps you to clean popular malicious software from your Windows computer.

Windows Run Commands

8) snippingtool

Typing Snippingtool in Run dialog box will open this popular tool to take quick screenshots. Snipping Tool also includes basic image editor to let you edit the screenshots there only.

9) charmap

It offers a quick way to get access to character map. Character Map is really helpful when want to access characters that are not on the keyboard.

10) main.cpl

When you want to access mouse properties quickly, this is the command to consider. Just type main.cpl in the Run command and make required changes to the properties of the mouse.

Windows Run Commands

11) netplwiz

With this command, administrators can directly open User Account advance configuration. It comes really handy for multi-user computers. For single users, this commands allows one to edit and change their personal account preferences.

12) regedit

Windows Registry is a hierarchical database to host all configurations and settings of an operating system. Regedit command is used to access Windows Registry.

13) sysdm.cpl

Get quick access to System Properties windows by using this Run Command.

Windows Run Commands

14) wuapp

It will open Windows Update Manager. You can then install and configure Windows Updates from there. It offers a quick way to access the update manager.

15) appwiz.cpl

Using this command, you can quickly access the Programs and Features window. From here, you can quickly uninstall your installed programs.

Besides these commands, there are a lot many other commands to get access to different parts of Windows. If we missed your favorite Run commands, let us know about them in the comments!

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