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What You Need To Know About Android M?

Android M

Google has just released the first developer preview of Android M at its eighth I/O annual developers’ conference. It has revealed the next version of Android operating system alongside announcing a new standalone service called Google Photos.

Just like Android L was released at last year’s conference, now Android M developer preview is released. With this, the company is focusing on improving the core experience of Android. It has made some changes to the fundamentals of the platform along with fixing several bugs.

Android M is promising a lot of interesting features:

Improved Google Now

Google Now personal assistant will become better with contextual searches.

App Permissions

App permissions will be revamped. Google will automatically backup all app preferences and settings within Google Drive.

Improved Battery Life

Android M now utilizes a new function called as Doze to improve device standby time. It will automatically recognize when devices have not been interacted for a while and will reduce background processes. With Android M, battery life will be improved. It will also support USB Type-C to provide faster charging.

Android M

App Drawer Improvements

Android M now include redesigned app drawer. Users can easily search for apps at top of app drawer. It will scroll vertically instead of horizontally.


Google is now allowing users to customize quick access settings in the Notification bar. System UI tuner allows customization of quick shortcuts.

Fingerprint Support

Google will standardize support for fingerprint scanner on phones. This will allow fingerprint scanners to unlock phones as well as make purchases for shopping.

New Mobile Payment System

Android Pay is the new mobile payments system of Google. It has been designed with the purpose to make checkout process faster and convenient. It is compatible with any device with NFC capabilities and supports American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover in addition to carries as well.

App Links

With Android M, app links are being changed and now Android has a greater awareness of the apps that can open the links directly. Previously, Open With dialog box appears when you try to open a link within an app. But now, when you will tap a Twitter link in an email, it will open Twitter app directly.

Bluetooth Stylus support

Android M comes with improved support for Bluetooth stylus devices.

Native support for external storage

Android M has taken a step further to treat MicroSD cards just like native storage.

Release Date

Though no definitive release date has been mentioned but we can probably expect to see it towards the end of September.

Are you excited about Android M? Let us know your views in the comments!

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