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SQL Server 2016 First Public Preview Now Available

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server 2016 aims at delivering mission critical performance, providing better insights on data and reaping benefits of hyper-scale cloud. With this new technology, organizations will be able to gain better insights into data with new capabilities. It aims to deliver a complete database platform for hybrid cloud to allow easy build, deploy and manage solutions.

New features in SQL Server 2016:

Always Encrypted:

Microsoft Research has developed a new capability to protect data at rest and in motion. The server will perform operations on encrypted data as the encryption key stays with application in customer’s environment.

Real-time Operational Analytics and In-Memory OLTP:

Building on industry leading technologies, customers can benefit from real-time operational analytics and fast transactional performance. In-Memory OLTP allows users to use for up to 30x faster transactions and now you can apply this tuned transaction performance technology to greater number of applications. Users will enjoy more than 100x faster queries than disk-based relational databases.

Stretch Database:

With SQL Server 2016, one will be able to dynamically stretch warm and cold transactional data to Microsoft Azure. You can use Always Encrypted with Stretch Database to extend data in a more secure manner.

New in-database analytics with R integration.

SQL Server 2016

The public preview also provides access to these features:

  • Polybase allows for easy management of relational and non-relational data.
  • Improvements to AlwaysOn for robust availability and disaster recovery with up to three synchronous replicas and secondary load balancing. Faster hybrid backups, high availability and disaster recovery scenarios to backup and restore on-premises databases to Microsoft Azure.
  • Native JSON support for easy parsing and storing of JSON and exporting relational data to JSON
  • Query Data Store acts as a flight data recorder for a database
  • MDS enhancements offer enhanced server management capabilities for Master Data Services.
  • Row Level Security to allow customers to control access to data depending on characteristics of user
  • Improved hybrid backup to enable faster backups to Microsoft Azure and faster restores to SQL Server
  • Business insights through visualizations on mobile devices for Windows, iOS and Android

Microsoft is working on more updates to accelerate internal development and test efforts. SQL Server 2016 allows you to capture, transform and analyze any data irrespective of the size, scale and its native format.

You can download the preview or trial the preview using a virtual machine in Microsoft Azure.

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