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Spartan Browser Now Available In Windows 10 Preview

Microsoft Spartan Browser

Microsoft has now confirmed about its much anticipated Spartan browser for the preview version of Windows 10. The browser will replace Internet Explorer with its enhanced features. It promises to provide a more reliable and discoverable experience to the users. Spartan is designed to work seamlessly across several Windows devices ranging from keyboard and mouse to desktop to touch, gestures, voice, controllers and sensors.

Spartan has been designed to make it easy the way you work. You will be able to write or type on a webpage. Whether it is about reading, sharing or getting things done online, this web browser makes everything far convenient and easy.

This brand new Spartan browser comes with a new design and lays emphasis on the page. Cortana will make your searches and browsing easier and more convenient. Initially, Cortana in Spartan will be available in US versions of the build and it will extend to other countries later.

Spartan browser

With Spartan, you will get new inking capabilities. You will be able to write or type directly on the page, and comment on what’s interesting. You can easily share the web note via email or social network as well. You can research and collect information and save them directly to OneNote.

You will also experience a beautiful new Reading List to collect everything you want to read. One can easily save any webpage or PDF for offline access. Spartan will offer you with a distraction-free Reading View so that you can focus on the content. Spartan browser will come up with new platform capabilities, security improvements and ensure web developers a consistent platform across Windows devices.

With Windows 10, Spartan browser is yet to have a consumer rollout. It is not the polished version that will land in the hands of consumers. Microsoft will allow users to continue their usage of Internet Explorer 11 browser for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Project Spartan will be updated on a regular basis and team is working to fine tune and update plans.

According to Microsoft, this preview will include Cortana, reading list and the new Spartan rendering engine. Get complete details at Microsoft Blog.

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