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How to Replay YouTube Videos Automatically?


YouTube is a largest hub of all kinds of videos but it does not include the auto-replay button. Yes, there are no automatic replays on YouTube and you need to manually do it every time you want to replay the video again. You need to manually click on the small replay button at the top of video every time, which is bit inconvenient.

Don’t worry! Here are some of the simple ways to replay YouTube videos automatically for n number of times.

Method 1: Using

1)  Go to the YouTube Video that you want to listen again and again.

2)  Now, modify the URL in the address by replacing word YouTube with vidtunez. For example, URL of the video is and modified URL will be

3)  That’s it! You can now enjoying your favorite videos any number of times with no manual instructions for replaying it.

replay YouTube videos

Method 2: Using Chrome Extension

1)  Download Auto Replay for YouTube extension

replay YouTube videos

2)  On successful installation of this free extension, it will install a checkbox at the bottom of the videos. It lets you watch videos infinitely.

3)  You can also change the starting and ending seconds between which video is replayed.

Method 3: Using

1)  Open the YouTube video that you want to repeat.

2)  Modify the URL of the video. Erase everything in front of YouTube and replace YouTube word by YouTuberepeat. For example, URL is and modified URL will be

3)  After you press enter, you will be forwarded to the link as The page also includes a repeat counter to let you know how many times you have repeated the video.

Do you find these methods useful to replay YouTube videos? If you use any other way to repeat videos, let us know your views in the comments section below.

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