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YouTube Introduces Six-Second Bumper Ads that Cannot Be Skipped

YouTube ads appear just after we click the play button of watching our desired button. These ads come with a five-second countdown before the skin button shows up. Typically, the YouTube ads typically range between 15 seconds to a minute. We all used to just wait for that skip button to appear to get away from it straightaway. Google is now introducing six-second bumper ads which you cannot skip. So, you will have to wait for just one second more so as to watch the video. These videos are expected to have a better reach.

“We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads — and we’re excited to see what the creative community will do with them,” YouTube’s Zach Lupei wrote in a blog post.

About Six-Second Bumper Ads

These ads are specifically being aimed at 19-49 year old demographic who use their mobile devices to watch videos. They are aimed at videos which are consumed on smartphones. With these short Bumper ads that people will not be able to skip over, these ads are expected to have higher recall and awareness in combination with other ads campaigns. These Bumper ads work best on mobile where the viewers are watching on the go or have shorter attention spans for what they are trying to watch.

Six-Second Bumper Ads

The short ads will appear before videos. These six-second bumper ads are available through AdWords and sold on a CPM basis. Users won’t be able to skip these new short-form ads that are aimed at complementing TrueView campaigns. These ads are meant to extend the reach of a campaign.

According to Google, these bumper ads will be available in May for advertisers with access to account managers.YouTube also has recently launched 360 degree live stream.

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