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WhatsApp Monthly Active Users Crossed 600 Million Mark

A very popular mobile messaging service, WhatsApp has crossed 600 million active monthly users. CEO and founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum on Twitter announced that the instant messaging app now boasts of 600 million monthly active users.


Jan Koum revealed the numbers via tweet on the official Twitter account. In April, WhatsApp crossed 500 million users and now has achieved another milestone. In just four months, it has added 100 million users.


In less than 5 years, the app has grown at an exponential rate. It is leading the pack followed by Tencent’s WeChat that has over 438 million monthly active users. Instant messaging industry has become owing with many new and established players. WhatsApp continues to expand its user base. It is soon expected to announce voice calling features. The company is still working on the project, but there is no timeframe for the launch.

Koum has earlier mentioned that India is one of the largest sources of growth for the company along with Mexico, Brazil and Russia. Besides its global user base increase, Indian user base for WhatsApp has also seen a substantial increase. WhatsApp now has over 60 million users in India which is up from 48 million in the month of April. It is no wonder that the Telecom networks in India are fighting for Over The Top players to implement charges but TRAI stated operators should increase data charges instead.

Well for WhatsApp, everything is in good favor. The users are increasing at a rapid pace. The UI of WhatsApp has hardly changed over the years while instant messaging services like WeChat, BlackBerry’s BBM service and Facebook’s Messenger now have stickers. Indeed, WhatsApp next target is voice calling services and the company is working on the project.

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