Top Shopping Cart Software of 2015 for Small Businesses

When you are looking for shopping cart software, they should be a perfect blend of easy to use as well as affordability. Shopping Cart Software are an essential requirement for any website to generate income. Whether you’re selling products, digital downloads or services, you need software that fits your website’s requirements. We have listed the

Best 2D Animation Tools For Beginners

Today, we’ve compiled a list of best 2D animation tools that are a must-have for beginners in the animation industry. Some of them have free trial versions, allowing you to grasp an insight about their features. You can then buy the software if you like. Here are the best programs that help you create your

Screen Capture Tool Snagit 12 Review

For anyone who works online, needs screen capturing tool at one time or the other. Snagit has long in the industry and is known as the leader in screen capturing tools. It works to transform the way users capture images and enhance them with effects. It also allows users to create quick videos of their

Top 7 Time and Attendance Tracking Systems

Almost every business requires an efficient time and attendance system to lessen errors and enhance productivity. A good time and attendance tracking system integrates with your business and accurately records your employees’ time. Many systems offer customized features, allowing business to adjust according to the growing needs of the business. Some of them also attach

Adobe Photoshop Completes Glorious 25 Years

Adobe Photoshop is known for redefining creativity in the digital world. Recently, this imaging software turned the age of 25 years. Photoshop requires no introduction! It helps the whole industry of photographers, becoming the synonym for the best image editing tool. It has helped create logos, advertisements, high-profile product designs, films and lots more. Even

Cometdocs PDF Converter Review

There are times when we need to convert our PDF files to Word files or other editable formats for a number of reasons. If you search for PDF converters in Google, Yahoo or Bing, you’ll find a great list of converters which instead of providing the solution creates perplexity. Deciding the right PDF converter is

Citrix’s GoToMeeting Review

GoToMeeting provides an easy way to set up online presentations, conference calls, and project collaborations. An amazing feature is that you can switch presenters during the meeting. Thus, a company can present a product from their desktop to different locations at the same time, saving on their costs and time. Let’s have a close look

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 Review

Converting PDF files to Word documents or Excel files has no longer remained a difficult task. When you have tons of files in PDF files and want to convert them into Word documents, the best way is to download a reliable and safe PDF file converter. Able2Extract PDF Converter offers you the easiest way to

How to Install and Use FileZilla

FileZilla is cross-platform application software, allowing users to transfer files from a local computer to a remote computer. It is used to create and store FTP servers and their associated connection data. FileZilla allows a user to modify files and folders and displays the status of file transfers in progress or waiting to process. [leaderad]

An Introduction to Cloud Computing

In most simple words, Cloud Computing implies storing of files over the internet instead of computer’s hard drive. It is an internet-based computing where large groups of remote servers are networked with the purpose of centralized data storage. The sharing of files has become important and cloud-based file sharing gives employees the flexibility in their