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Google Quietly Launches Business-Friendly Meet by Google Hangouts

Meet by Google Hangouts – A New Video Conferencing Service

Google has released a new web client at The new service aims at delivering HD quality video meetings. Meet by Google Hangouts is the latest addition to the G Suite of the company. With this offering, Google aims at differentiating Hangouts from its other social platforms like Allo and Duo. Last year, Google fell way behind in the game of mobile messaging from Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and Skype. Thus, Allo and Duo were launched and now another offering by the search engine giant.

It is designed for HD video meetings and it is a part of G Suite line meant for business users. The website is now up and running, featuring a similar design as Hangouts. You will be asked to enter a meeting code to join a meeting. Also, you can invite up to 30 participants while Google Hangouts video calls allowed up to 10 members.

Meet by Google Hangouts

HD Video Meetings

The new video conferencing service allows one to enjoy high-definition video calls with up to 30 participants. It also provides seamless integration with Gmail and Calendar for G Suite users. You can also view your scheduled meetings easily. Within the app, you can access a variety of features to make it easy to make it to as many meetings as possible.

The website is currently accessible only using Google Chrome browser. Users are able to log into the service using a Google account but starting a meeting through web portal requires a meeting code.

Google has not made anything official as of now but it is likely only a matter of time before it gets official. Google is holding its major business user conference in San Francisco and it appears that the company accidentally revealed its new group videoconferencing service.

If things turn out to be right; Google may become a good competitor to services like Skype and Cisco. Both services are already widely in use by companies. But, for enterprises to switch from one platform to another, it could take a while to see a good amount of users switching to Meet by Google Hangouts.

Google is yet to officially announce Meet and make the app available to Android. It is expected that Google may publish a blog post about the new app, giving all details about it.

So, are you a G Suite user? Do you like switching to the new Meet by Google Hangouts app? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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