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Google Now Helps You Find Your Lost iPhone

Google has added the ability to locate your Android device last year by typing ‘Find my phone’ into the Search. Now, you can also find your misplaced iPhones. Yes, you read it right! Google has launched the new feature to find your lost iPhone in the celebration of My Account’s first birthday.

Find your Lost iPhone

“Find your Phone” is one of the interesting features that Google is adding to My Account Service. The feature can be used on both Android and iOS and you will be able to find your lost iPhone by simply searching Google for “I lost my phone.” It is a useful feature for someone who has misplaced the phone and just wants to figure out where it is. One can also use it to prevent the device from accessing their Google account and other private information.

When you type “I lost my phone” on Google, the search engine will offer you options to ring the phone and help even locate it on Maps. You can log into Google’s My Account section and can lock or wipe your phone, leave a message or callback number, contact your carrier and can also sign out of your accounts.

find your lost iPhone

For iPhone users, this feature can locate their iPhone but cannot give you control of your device. It simply takes you to iCloud.

With this move, Google is making it easier for people to find lost phones. Also, it is a more competitive move to attract people towards using Google services.

Other Features

The other two new My Account features are accessing your account by voice and finding it online by search Google. Google has also made it easier to access My Account. Just say “Ok Google, show me my Google” and soon, you will get the details. These newly added features come handy when you want to have a quick privacy and security checkup or just to find your lost iPhone.

find your lost iPhone

You can also check out details about the new sharing group, Google Spaces.

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