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Here’s Facebook Interactive Map to Discover Live Video

interactive map

Facebook Interactive Map

Facebook at the F8 developer conference has unveiled a number of features for Facebook Live and the most significant among them is the interactive map that shows you live streams of what’s happening in the world right now from friends as well as on topics the user is interested in. The new “Live Video” feature is rolling out globally. It is one of the most interesting features launched by this social network in the last few months. Let’s check out the complete details about this newly-added feature.

Facebook officials posted, “Over the last three months, Facebook ‘Live’ video has become more and more popular and more and more people and Pages are creating and watching live videos.”

With this new interactive map feature, you can stream videos from a random stranger by going to one of the highly-ranked at the left side of page or by clicking on blue dots from everyone else. To access the interactive map feature, a new “Live Video” app is available on the navigation bar at the left of the Facebook timeline.

The most popular broadcasts are listed on the left side and when a stream has lot of viewers, the dot will appear bigger.

interactive map

It is a simple tool which makes finding live streaming an effortless less. Earlier, the only way was to wait for one to appear in notifications tab or in your newspaper. The interactive map makes everything easier as well as addictive.

You can give it a try by looking to this link.
In February, Facebook first started rolling out its live video streaming feature and enables users “share your experiences and perspectives in real time, with the people who matter to you.”

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