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App of the Week – Roadmap Planner

roadmap planner

Roadmap Planner app by KeepSolid Inc. has been designed to make your business and professional life more planned and organized. It has been selected as our app of the week and you can also check out our last week’s top app called Ztype. Roadmap Planner helps you achieve your goals and lead towards new great achievements and it is currently available only in English on the Mac App Store. Let’s have a close look at how this app works and how it can help you to plan your life for the better.

roadmap planner

Features of Roadmap Planner

Intuitive user interface

The app comes with a simple user interface and comes with user-friendly features. For example, it offers visual timelines based on Gantt Charts. As Gantt Chart is the most popular method of building project planning and you are already familiar with it, the app makes it simpler to get things done. You need not to learn a new algorithm or some formulas or anything like that. It includes tools that you are already using and are proficient at.

roadmap planner

Simple to Use

Roadmap Planner offers you several predefined templates which you can use in appropriate section with different color and font schemes. The working of the app is fairly simple and straightforward. You just need to choose a template, create projects and then add different tasks to the projects. It takes just a minute to get acquainted with the interface to increase productivity of your time significantly.

roadmap planner

Need for Roadmap Planner

Roadmap Planner provides a comprehensive approach to project planning. It has been designed to help users put together strategy, systematize goals and ideas without need of tables or spreadsheets and more. It is a simple app to ensure that you always stay on track and don’t miss out important things of your schedule. The app makes sure that you get every project completed and increase productivity of your time.

roadmap planner

Wrapping Up

Roadmap Planner is the best solution to create a roadmap of your goals which are to achieve. The app allows managers to quickly visualize their business or marketing strategy, see dependencies between projects and track them.

Some useful insights about Roadmap Planner:
Cost: $24.99
Publisher: KeepSolid Inc.
Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
Download Roadmap Planner

If you love to plan, Roadmap Planner is a good app to consider. Share your thoughts about this app with us in the comments.

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