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SDHC Card with Wifi twist- EyeFi Mobi Pro 16GB WiFi SDHC

Eyefi Mobi Pro

What is Eyefi mobi pro SDHC?

Eyefi Mobi Pro, the latest 16GB Wifi SDHC Card which has captured the eye of the technology lovers. With its new features and integration, eyefi mobi pro has made the transferring of not only JPEG files or videos but also RAW files from your camera to any of your other devices such tablet or desktop without the use of any cables or wires.


Exclusive features

As the name itself states Eyefi Mobi Pro is mobile friendly and wireless in nature and helps to categorize your albums and photos with tags and gives you selective retention/ transfer of images anywhere and anytime, no matter if you are online or offline.


With its seamless integration with the cloud, it becomes the only professional wifi SD Card which synchronizes photos as well tags in the album on all the devices it is connected with. Its Compatibility with Windows 10 app acts as a cherry on the top.

Within the Eyefi Mobi app you can then view photo attributes (EXIF), perform basic edits (orientation and crops) and share images. You can also organize and sync them across devices via the Eyefi Cloud, and each Mobi Pro card comes with 12 months access, normally US$50.


Conclusion of EyeFi Mobi Pro 16GB WiFi SDHC CARD

If you are a passionate photographer, Eyefi mobi pro SDHC is all in one wireless tool for you. It helps you integrate, synchronize and selectively transfer the pictures and videos instantaneously without the hassle of wires or cables. Along with this you can transfer RAW images too.

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