How to Build a Raspberry Pi WiFi RC Car using WebIOPi

If you are interested in a creating your first IoT project and then join me In this post and I will cover soup to nuts on how to build Raspberry Pi 2 based WiFi RC Car using WebIOPi Framework.

SDHC Card with Wifi twist- EyeFi Mobi Pro 16GB WiFi SDHC

What is Eyefi mobi pro SDHC? Eyefi Mobi Pro, the latest 16GB Wifi SDHC Card which has captured the eye of the technology lovers. With its new features and integration, eyefi mobi pro has made the transferring of not only JPEG files or videos but also RAW files from your camera to any of your

How to Check If Someone Is Using Your WiFi?

Wireless security is very important and if you doubt that someone is using your WiFi, it is essential to check. There can be a variety of reasons when you want to know if someone is your WiFi. For example, someone is using your wireless for free and you pay the bill or you are experiencing