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Total Defense 3D Game Review

If you like traditional tower defense games, you are surely to fall in love with Total Defense 3D by DaSuppa. This game has recently been released for Windows Phone users and is attracting attention from across the globe. It has a smashing gameplay coupled with an exciting story that makes this game an addictive one.


The astonishing feature that sets this game apart from other defense games is the 3D graphics. They are just superb. You can choose from three levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard, and Hell. During the game, you can also get to upgrade the towers to improve your defenses. You are the savior for the starving and dying people. Just download this game and get immerse into action where people are languishing under the rule of cruel Tyrant.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Stunning 3D
    The game truly conceptualizes the power of 3D and features amazing graphics and free camera view. You would not have seen such superb effects of 3D before in defense games.
  • Brings a new level of action
    The game will unleash a cascade of new RTS and RPG features in the intensive battles across the unknown universe.
  • Develop game skills
    When you play Total Defense 3D, you will develop five sets of skills. There are three difficulty modes and you can choose according to your skills. The game attracts casual as well as hardcore games alike.
  • Sci-fi gaming experience
    You will enjoy playing the game with futuristic soundtrack to amplify your sci-fi gaming experience.

Total Defense 3DTotal Defense 3D


  • State-of-the-art graphics
  • Exciting story-driven missions
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Addictive Gameplay


  • Drains phone battery quickly

Some useful insights about Total Defense 3D:

The Final Words

Total Defense 3D is a good choice among defense games and appeals to all levels of players. The graphics are surely eye-catchy and the storyline is just amazing. It is a universal app so just pay once and enjoy the game on multiple devices. It is also available in the trial mode and you can always try it before making the final purchase.

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