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Prognoza – The Best Weather App for Windows Phone

There are a remarkable number of weather apps available for Windows Phones. Prognoza weather app is one of the best weather apps in the App Store. It is a simple and an attractive weather app that provide forecast information in an eye-catchy manner.

Prognoza Weather App

Platform: Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8.1
Cost: Free
Publisher: Dinchy
Download Size: 8MB
Download Page

Special Features

  • Clean and nice design
  • Large photos that make it easy to read
  • Detailed weather forecast via two methods
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Live Tiles, front and back side includes pictures of current weather conditions

weather app weather app

Where It Excels

Prognoza has recently won Windows Phone Challenge Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014. This weather app localizes to English and other supported languages. A perfect choice for downloading latest weather data, it offers detailed forecast for a specific city or your current location. Page that includes current weather information includes temperature, humidity, wind, barometric pressure and sunrise and sunset times. Daily page includes forecast for the next seven days while hourly page breaks down the forecast in three-hour increments.

It is an amazing Windows Phone weather app that offers amazing visual appearance and that too at no costs. This app is available for free download here.

Where It Falls Short

There are a few stability issues in using this app. While using Prognoza, there are times when forecasts refuse to load or the app crashes. It could stand better with a little fine-tuning. The developer does note that low-memory devices do not have all the features available such as Live Tiles.

The Final Words

Weather apps are little tricky to review. There are many apps available and different users look for some different features like some put a higher importance on accuracy, while some wants app that looks beautiful. Prognoza is a nice weather app that combines the best features to offer you a complete app for your weather forecast needs.

The feature that stands out this app from various other apps available in Windows Phone Store is that you can get best weather data via location as well as via entering the name of the city for which you want the weather predictions. Just turn on your location services and you will get accurate weather forecasts. And when you want to know the weather of some other city, just enter the City name. It is a simple to use and highly functional weather app for Windows Phone.

If you are looking for the prettiest weather app for your Windows Phone as well as the one that wisely offers you accurate forecasts, Prognoza is the app you should download.

Which is your favorite weather app for Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

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