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Lumia Battery Saver & Booster App Review

Do you need to charge your Windows Phone every day? Have you ever found wishing that your phone’s battery would last longer? Chances are high that you’re wondering how to get more battery life for your device. Let us introduce you to one of the top battery saving apps, Lumia Battery Saver & Booster.

Lumia Battery Saver & Booster has been featured three times in more than 10 countries. It offers you the powerful and easiest way to extend the battery life of your Windows Phone. The feature that outstand this app from other apps available in the Windows Phone market today is that it has been exclusively designed and developed for Lumia devices to extend battery life.

Noteworthy Features

  • Various battery saving modes
    This app provides four most effective saving modes for extending the battery life of your Windows Phone.
    Default saving mode: When your phone’s battery is low, it turns off some services to preserve the battery life of phone.
    Normal saving mode: You can select this mode when you want to save more battery as compared to Default saving mode. It saves up to 25% of the battery life.
    Super power saving mode: Here comes an option to save battery life up to 40% within six personalized options.
    Instant saving mode: This feature of Lumia Battery Saver & Booster is highly useful and comes handy when you are stuck in a difficult situation. It stops discharging instantly and helps you save battery for crucial moments.
  • Customizable themes
    With Lumia Battery Saver & Booster, you get amazing eight different live tiles along with customizable options with both light and dark themes.
  • Regular battery alerts
    It offers you battery alerts at regular intervals to help you save your battery life for crucial times.
  • Visualized battery status on main page
    This easy to use app saves up to more than 50% battery and visualized battery status is also available on the main page.
  • Extend the battery working life
    With its powerful features, Lumia Battery Saver & Booster helps you to extend the battery life of your Windows Phone.

Lumia Battery Saver & Booster Lumia Battery Saver & Booster

  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective
  • Great technical support
  • Battery status with live tile
  • 4 battery saving modes


  • Paid app
  • No real controls worth the price
  • Nothing special

Some useful insights about Lumia Battery Saver & Booster:

  • Price: $2.49
  • Publisher: Guava apps, Inc.
  • Download size: 5MB
  • Works with: Windows Phone 8.1
    Windows Phone 8
  • Download link


Lumia Battery Saver & Booster is a good battery saver app exclusively for Windows Phone users. The only downside is that this app includes bunch of suggestions and no-real controls that justify its price.

Which battery saving app have you downloaded for your Windows Phone? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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