Snapchat One-Hand Zoom Feature Comes in Updated App

Snapchat One-Hand Zoom The popular photo and video messaging social app, Snapchat, added a new and useful feature called Snapchat one-hand zoom to the app. This latest feature allows the users to zoom videos with single handed use only. Previously, users are required to use two hands to zoom in: one hand on the capture

Snapchat Introduces Chat 2.0 with New Features

Snapchat is introducing a major update which will turn the app into a full-fledged messaging platform. Snapchat is calling it Chat 2.0 along with a host of new messaging features. The app released feature-packed update to offer lot more than just a face-to-face conversation platform. In the official blog post, it says, “What we love

Snapchat Users Spend 25-30 Minutes Each Day on App

Data about Snapchat Users According to the new data, Snapchat users on an average spend about 30 minutes on the app every day. The users are not just watching videos from their friends or videos on Snapchat that disappear after a few seconds; but are also spending as half-hour every day. The popular photo messaging

How to Use Snapchat Face Swap Feature?

The Snapchat app continues to include new and exciting features to keep the users entertained. It has recently added a feature that make it easier to add friends and now, another feature is catching everyone’s attention. The new lenses are added almost daily but only few of them become popular. One such lens is the

Snapchat Update Makes It Lot Easier To Add Friends

Here’s All about Snapchat Update Snapchat has been around for some time and keeps on adding new features to entice the users. To add friends on Snapchat, there are many ways to do already and an easier one has been added. One is to search for their username, other is to read Snap Code and

Viber Launches Viber Wink for Android and iOS

An Intro to Viber Wink When it comes to messaging services for Android and Viber is one of them. It is facing tough competition from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike and more similar apps. Viber app is known for its chat feature that lets you connect with your friends via text, voice and video.

Microsoft Removes Third-Party SnapChat Apps from Windows Phone Store

The unofficial SnapChat apps have been removed from the Windows Phone Store. They do not appear at the Store for users to download or update them. These third-party apps for SnapChat have disappeared leaving users without access to the popular messaging app. Despite the increasing popularity of Windows Phone global market, there is no official

How to Use Snapchat New Features?

Messaging app craze is all around and everyone is talking about them. Snapchat is one of the popular social media and messaging app that let you tell your story with pictures. Let’s explore some interesting and fun things about Snapchat including its new features. What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a popular text and photo messaging

6snap App for Windows Phone Review

6snap is a well-acclaimed Snapchat client on the Windows Phone platform. This full-features snapchat app for Windows Phone has attracted attention of a great number of users. Although it is an unofficial app for Snapchat but has all the features that let you enjoy and chat with other snapchat users. [leaderad] Noteworthy Features: Comprehensive app