Google Maps App Adds Lyft and Gett to Ride Services Tab

Meet Updated Google Maps App Google Maps app has added a dedicated ride-sharing tab to the app. Google is adding support for Lyft throughout the US, as well as Gett in New York City. You will now see a button for ordering a Lyft ride inside the Google Maps app along with a similar one

Google Announces Reviews From the Web for Search Results

Reviews from the Web Feature Google is bringing a new feature to its search results calling it as Reviews from the Web. This implies that the Google’s search results will now display reviews from third-party websites. Until now, Google brings up reviews related to the search term from trusted websites such as IMBD. But, now,

New Crowdsource Android App to Help Google Improve its Services

Meet Crowdsource Android App A new Google app called Crowdsource has quietly appeared on the Google Play Store. The app asks users to perform brief tasks that help Google to improve the quality of its services. Today, millions of people are dependent on Google services such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google Translate and more.

Google Wallet Introduces Automatic Transfers to Your Bank Account

About Google Wallet Google Wallet, with the purpose to make it easier to pay, is updating with the feature of automatic transfers to your bank account. With this newly added feature, you are saved from the lengthy cashing out processes to get your money. For those who want to sign up for Google Wallet, just

Google Duo App Makes Video Calling Simpler Than Ever

Meet Google Duo Google Duo is a new video chat app that works exclusively on mobile devices. It is a simple video calling available released by Google for Android and iOS users. It is free from any complicated bells and whistles and is fast and simple to use. Video calling has never been that easier

Free Spotify Premium for Google Chromecast Owners

Google and Spotify Google Chromecast has been a huge success and the company has sold over 30 million units of the same. It enables you to connect small devices to mobiles and computers and to stream videos or music. One can stream content via Chromecast in two ways: by using mobile apps or web apps

Google Maps Now Adds Wi-Fi Only Mode For The Users

Google Maps is a popular mapping service that offers a range of amazing features such as Street View, Google Traffic, Route Planning, Satellite Imagery and many more. Two new features have been added to Google Maps: one is the option to restrict data usage to Wi-Fi only and the second one is to mass transit

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Released by Google

Intro of Nest Cam Outdoor The Alphabet Company has released Nest Cam Outdoor at the price of $199. It is a small circular camera that mounts on the exterior of homes and syncs to the smartphones. It has been designed to offer efficiency in the outdoors. This new camera model has been made with same

Hangouts for Android Adds Video Messaging

Updated Hangouts for Android Many months ago, Google surprised everyone with video message attachments on Hangouts for iOS only. Android users were not able to send video messages to friends and family. But now, Google has updated the Hangouts for Android to allow you to access this feature through a video camera icon on the

Google Makes It Easier To Find the Best Hotel and Flight Deals

Find Hotel and Flight Deals Google has announced new updates to its search engine which will help to ease your travel preparations. With effective online search, the travelers are able to save their valuable time and money. These new features have been introduced into the travel search to get the best hotel and flight deals