First Messaging App for Gamers, WeGamers – App of the Week

Meet WeGamers WeGamers is a messaging app especially designed for the gamers. This chat app allows gamers to easily communicate with their friends and fellow gamers. You can plan out your game strategies or just hang out with other gamers. It is special for its ability to offer a platform where gamers can interact with

STEM Storiez – Counting Zoo – Great Interactive App – App of the Week

Meet STEM Storiez – Counting Zoo STEM Storiez is a complete set of e-books based on different areas: science, technology, engineering and maths. They are always known for providing apps that keeps the kids motivated to learn along with exciting visuals. Today, we are talking about the recently released app that is aimed at improving

Eat This Much, a Personal Meal Planner, Our App of the Week

Though there is no dearth of health apps that helps us to meet our fitness goals by providing us information on nutrition and diet. But, Eat This Much, our app of the week, is different and more useful. The app is a useful meal planner that automatically creates meal plans to meet the diet goals

Print, Scan and Share Directly with Epson iPrint, Our App of the Week

Here’s Epson iPrint If you are a lover of Epson printers, then Epson iPrint is just the right app. It makes it easy to print from your mobile device to various Epson models. It features compatibility for a variety of Microsoft Office products as well as online file hosting sites. It allows you to print

Saving Becomes Easier With Level Money, Our App of the Week

Meet Level Money Most of the personal finance and budget apps involves lot many graphs and charts but Level Money is different. It is a simple to use app that shows three real-time budget bubbles on the main screen. The app distinguishes itself from other expense tracking apps available in the market today by focusing

Best Save It For Later App, Pocket, Is Our App of the Week

Meet Pocket App Many times, we come across an interesting article or link but want to read it at a later stage. The best way to quickly save that article, video or link to read or watch later is to save it to Pocket. Pocket is a clean and sleek app that was formerly known

Be More Productive with WPS Office + PDF, App of the Week

Here’s WPS Office + PDF WPS Office for Android and iOS is a popular app among users for viewing and editing Office documents anytime. The updated app called as WPS Office + PDF is an all-in-one free office suite app which makes interface layouts more user-friendly. Whether you are on a smartphone or tablet, this

Camera MX, A Great Camera App Is Our App of the Week

Meet Camera MX Though there’s no dearth of camera apps available on the Play Store, but today we are talking about one of the best camera apps called Camera MX that offers the beautiful feature of Live Photos. iPhone 6 and 6S users are enjoying an impressive feature of Live Photos and if you are

Recall Your Sent Messages with Privates, our App of the Week

Meet Privates App Sent a message and then felt regret afterwards? Or discovered an embarrassing screenshot of drunken is going around on social media? Well, a new app called Privates! saves you in both situations. It allows you to recall messages, saving you from the fear after pressing send. The recall function works up until

App of the Week – Filteract

Meet Filteract Though there are lot many iOS photography apps available in the market today, but Filteract differs itself from the other photo editing apps by offering the feature to selectively apply filters to your pictures. Filteract is a photo editing app that comes with a simple and clean design. Simple App The app has