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How to Play Chess on Facebook Messenger?

With the purpose to enhance popularity of Facebook Messenger app, the company has allowed users to play chess on their messaging app. This is a good news for all chess lovers. There’s a secret code that lets you play chess on Facebook Messenger. Today, we are talking about the steps to play chess. Let’s have a look at them.

Here’s how to do it.

play chess on Facebook Messenger

How to play chess on Facebook Messenger?

  • Simply open the messenger window with the opponent of your choice
  • Then type “@fbchess play” in the window.
  • Now, click send.
  • A chess board will pop up and the game will begin.


Playing Chess

Playing the Facebook Chess game requires you to know some specific commands to move the chess pieces across the board. You can type “@fbchess help” for instructions and basic commands. For example, K is for King, Q for Queen, R for Rook, P for Pawn, N for Knight, and B for Bishop. The chessboard is labeled with letter and number coordinates and you can add these to signify the place you want to move the chess piece. For example, when you type “@fbchess Pe4”, your pawn (P) will move to square E4. When you want to specify which piece you are moving, you can add its location.

play chess on Facebook Messenger

Rules and Commands

The abbreviation for the piece is capitalized while the command is issued by writing this along with the lowercase letter along with the number representing the specific square.

Accessing the game is simple but playing may require few moments to familiarize with the command notations. The horizontal axes represent each column on the board while the vertical axes shows numbers indicating each of the rows. The chess game allows players to have regular conversation while playing.

You can also use “@fbchess resign” to end a match, to get your and your friend’s statistics use command “@fbchess stats” and to pick which color you start type “@fbchess play white” or “@fbchess play black.” To add fun to the game, you will be able to send a series of Facebook stickers to your opponent as you yell “checkmate” into the screen.

play chess on Facebook Messenger

As it works on both mobile and web Facebook platforms, the chess game can be assessed wherever you are. Though the feature has been around for at least a month; but is not publicly advertised anywhere. It was first spotted on Reddit and was then picked up by Lifehacker.

Recently, Facebook Messenger has got its first official game called Doodle Draw and now, one can also play chess on Facebook Messenger.

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