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Sony Unveils a $3,200 Gold Plated Walkman At IFA

gold plated walkman

Meet Gold Plated Walkman

Sony is expanding its line of products for audiophiles with the introduction of new gold plated walkman. The signature series Walkman delivers such high quality sound that is difficult to match. Sony unveils this new-resolution Walkman audio player at IFA 2016 and it costs a whopping $3,200. Yes, $3,200 for a walkman!

For Serious Audiophiles

As a part of the Sony Signature Series, these are aimed at super serious audiophiles. They are not just expensive but also chunky and heavy. This premium walkman has been crafted to provide high-resolution audio. Sony says that it has taken the jump from “one you listen to, to one you can feel.” The biggest reason Sony thinks people will spend $3,200 is the design. The walkman is coated in gold.

gold plated walkman

As far as the specifications are concerned, it includes DSEE HX technology that upscales music to high resolution quality. It comes with 256GB storage capacity and has an S-Master HX digital amplifier to offer pure sound quality. It is a portable media player that comes with support for high-resolution audio playback and over 30 hours of battery life.

gold plated walkman

NW-WM1A version

For those who are looking for a lower price, Sony also unveils the NW-WM1A version that comes with 128GB of storage and aluminum case. It is priced at $1,200 and will be available early next year. Both gold plated and aluminum measures same size: 4.9″ x 2.9″ x 0.8″. The weight of gold plated walkman is about a pound while the aluminum one is about 9.4 ounces. Both versions support lossless FLAC audio files, DSD and MP3 audio. In terms of design, both feature physical buttons on the side of the case. These buttons allow one to media control, skip tracks, pause playback and more.

gold plated walkman

A quick look at specifications of Gold Plated Walkman:

Specifications Details
Display 12.9-inch
Dimensions 2.87″ x 4.89″ x 0.78″
Weight 16.05 oz
Battery Life 33 hours
Charging Time 7 hours
Quick Charge No
Memory Size 256 GB
Operating System Android platform
Storage 32-128GB
System Requirements Mac OS X (v10.6 or later),
Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Vista (SP2 or later),
Windows 7 (SP1 or later)
Wireless Capabilities Bluetooth, NFC
What’s In The Box Wrist Strap
USB cable
Leather carrying case
Quick Start Guide

To wrap up, the NW-WM1Z gold-plated walkman will cost $3,200 in US and will be available in November. The aluminum bodied NW-WM1A comes with a price tag of $1200 and will be available early next year.

What are your thoughts about this gold plated walkman by Sony? Share with us in the comments.

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