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GoPro Unveils Foldable Karma Drone and Hero5 Action Camera

karma drone

Meet GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro has finally unveiled drone called ‘Karma’ whose USP is that it is easy to use. The long awaited first flying camera by GoPro comes with a price tag of $799. As Karma drone is completely foldable, it can be squeezed into a custom-made backpack. The company has also announced Hero5 action camera and several new accessories which will be launching this year. Let’s have a look at the details.

User-Friendly Design

The GoPro Karma drone comes with a user-friendly design. Karma camera drone is an ultra-compact quadcopter and is perfect for your sports adventures. This small and foldable drone has been designed to easily fit in a backpack. The simple controller features a touchscreen display and there are also two joysticks with a bare minimum of buttons. The detachable three-axis stabilizer can be mounted to capture smooth handheld footage. The gimbal can be removed from the drone.

Karma Drone

Image Credit:GoPro

Various Camera Shot Options

Karma includes a range of camera shot options. The console-style controller includes a live video feed and simple touch-screen controls. Also, the controller can be used to set up a cable cam mode. The drone comes with auto-takeoff and landing modes, easy flight mode as well as some semi-autonomous modes.

karma drone

Image Credit:GoPro

Hero5 and Session Cameras

GoPro has also announced waterproof and cloud-connected Hero5 and Session cameras. The GoPro Hero5 lines of cameras can auto-upload pictures and videos to GoPro Plus. These cameras make it easy to access, edit as well as share GoPro content anywhere and anywhere. It is priced at $399.99 and it is touted to be the most powerful, easy to use GoPro. It is capable of clicking professional quality 12MP pictures and will auto-upload them to cloud when camera is charging. The company says that it is waterproof and comes with voice control with support for seven languages. GoPro is also offering a smaller version called Hero5 Session at the price of $299.99. Both will be available starting October 2.

karma drone

Image Credit:GoPro


For $799, Karma includes foldable drone and the handheld gimbal attachment. This implies that one needs their own camera – a GoPro Hero4 or 5. The camera with Hero5 session will cost $999 while the one with standard GoPro Hero5 will cost $1,099.

Other Products

In addition to Hero5 cameras and Karma drone, GoPro is also coming with new accessories such as Quik key, micro-USB card reader and a key chain as well.

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