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Google Maps Now Adds Wi-Fi Only Mode For The Users

Wi-Fi Only Mode

Google Maps is a popular mapping service that offers a range of amazing features such as Street View, Google Traffic, Route Planning, Satellite Imagery and many more. Two new features have been added to Google Maps: one is the option to restrict data usage to Wi-Fi only and the second one is to mass transit delay notifications. Let’s have a look at these new features of Wi-Fi Only Mode.

Wi-Fi Only Mode

The toggle for Wi-Fi only mode is found on the Settings screen. With this new update, users will see a toggle on the second line of the Settings screen. This says “Wi-Fi only”, a replacement of title “offline areas”. As the name suggests, the new toggle disconnects the Maps app from the cellular or data network. However, tapping the title or switch effectively cuts Google Maps off from cellular data, and tapping anywhere on the description opens up the configuration screen for offline areas. When the Wi-Fi only mode is enabled, users will see a small bar displayed across the top of the screen.

The first time when Wi-Fi mode is enabled, it shows a quick reminder that Google Maps may still use a small amount of data during operation.

Wi-Fi Only Mode

Mass Transit Delays

Google has also added new notifications for mass transit delays. These appeal to the users who frequently travel by bus or train. It will inform the users about disruption alerts in selected services via notifications. Some users have received a welcome message and a configuration screen to turn on disruption alerts. This feature is expected to soon seen on the latest updated app.

To use Wi-Fi only mode, at least Maps v9.32 should be installed. You can pick up v9.32.1 from APK Mirror.

Google has recently enhanced the image quality of its Maps app and iOS version with 3D touch features.

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