Google Maps for Android adds a New Traffic Widget

Google Maps for Android Google has updated the Maps mobile app for Android to add new traffic widget. It helps you spot the traffic jams in your area in real-time. Though Google Maps for Android has long been providing details of traffic on your way home but now it is making it easier with a

Google Maps App Adds Lyft and Gett to Ride Services Tab

Meet Updated Google Maps App Google Maps app has added a dedicated ride-sharing tab to the app. Google is adding support for Lyft throughout the US, as well as Gett in New York City. You will now see a button for ordering a Lyft ride inside the Google Maps app along with a similar one

New Crowdsource Android App to Help Google Improve its Services

Meet Crowdsource Android App A new Google app called Crowdsource has quietly appeared on the Google Play Store. The app asks users to perform brief tasks that help Google to improve the quality of its services. Today, millions of people are dependent on Google services such as Google Maps, Google Search, Google Translate and more.

Google Maps Now Adds Wi-Fi Only Mode For The Users

Google Maps is a popular mapping service that offers a range of amazing features such as Street View, Google Traffic, Route Planning, Satellite Imagery and many more. Two new features have been added to Google Maps: one is the option to restrict data usage to Wi-Fi only and the second one is to mass transit

Google Maps for iOS Updated with 3D Touch Features

If you are an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus owner, the newer version of Google Maps for iOS has something special for you. It has been updated to include useful features which you are surely going to appreciate. You can also check out the top iOS apps of 2016. Let’s have a look at newly

Google Comes Up With Standalone Street View App

Google has introduced a new Street View app that’s separate from Google Maps. This newly launched mobile app promises to make it easier to explore Google Map’s 360 degree imaginery and contribute your own photos to improve the experience. With the app allowing you to upload your own spherical photos, it lets you shoot spheres