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HP Elite X3 – Will It Replace The Windows PC?

HP Elite X3

Meet HP Elite X3

It’s been almost two years since HP has released a smartphone. Though there are many smartphones like LG G5 and Sony Xperia X Series being launched at MWC 2016 but the biggest buzz is about HP’s newest mobile – the Elite X3. It is special for a number of reasons. Is this HP Elite X3 is powerful enough to replace your computer? Let’s have a close look at its features which make it stand out from the competitors.

hp elite x3

More than a Smartphone

HP wants you to think that it is more than just a smartphone and is aimed at replacing your computer. Te built-in docking station allows the phone to connect to a desktop monitor, Ethernet and USB. With Windows 10 Continuum, docking the phone converts the OS from mobile to desktop. Once docked, you will be experiencing the traditional PC experience with Windows 10 expanding to fill the monitor and universal apps available at your disposal. There’s no delay in switching between the mobile and desktop versions of Windows 10.

hp elite x3

Design and Display

Firstly, it is a Windows Phone and has been designed for business customers. The 5.96-inch inch device powered by Windows 10 Mobile includes support for Continuum. This big device comes with 2K resolution (1440 x 2560) and runs on Snapdragon 820 processor. HP Elite X3 is mostly made of matte plastic and the speaker at the bottom is covered with a glossy piece of metal.

hp elite x3

Continuum Feature

Continuum allows the phone to connect to an external display so that it acts like a traditional Windows 10 computer. HP has gone further with Continuum by developing the Mobile Extender device. The Extender looks like a laptop and is connected either wirelessly or via USB-C to Elite X3 handset. Though Continuum looks great on a big screen but when you want the same experience on a train or long flight; the device offers the portability.

hp elite x3

Camera and Audio

The device features a 16-megapixel rear camera, allowing users to capture quality pictures with their friends and family. It also comes with high quality Bang & Olufsen audio features along with the well-optimized experience for Skype for Business. Talking about the battery, it comes with built-in 4,150mAh battery.

hp elite x3

Targets Business Needs

HP Elite X3 comes with a perfect blend of power and productivity. HP is offering an across-the-board solution for corporate users with portable and ultra-mobile devices. The device comes with a large 4GB of RAM along with a generous 64GB storage which is further expandable. HP has also included dual-SIM support as it is a popular feature for business travelers. Also, it lets employees to keep both a work and personal SIM in the handset.

When it comes to hardware, businesses demand all the latest features and HP has done exactly what the business consumer need. The Mobile Extender wirelessly connects with the Elite X3 to offer a laptop-like experience. According to the company, the phone will be available this summer, though no exact date has been mentioned.

hp elite x3

A quick look at HP Elite X3:

Specifications Details
Display 5.96-inch
Dimensions 161.8 x 83.5 x 7.8 mm
Weight 152g
Resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Quad-core
OS Windows (10 Mobile)
Internal Storage 64GB
Camera Rear Camera: 16 MP
Front Camera: 8 MP
Battery 4150mAh
IP certified IP 67

HP Elite X3 goes far beyond that any other Windows Phone we have seen so far. This Windows 10 Mobile device looks like it will worth the wait.

What are your thoughts about HP Elite X3? Do you think it is powerful enough to replace traditional Windows PC. Let us know in the comments!

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