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Pebble Introduces Pebble Health App


Meet Pebble Health

Pebble smartwatch has won great reviews from users. It is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an affordable, durable and long-lasting wearable tech. Pebble is rolling out a firmware update to Time, Time Steel and Time Round smartwatch that introduces Pebble Health. Pebble Health is a native fitness tracking app that lets you continuously track your step counts and sleep. Pebble Health aims to offer new fully native fitness tracking experience.


A Free App

The app is free and works with Pebble Time’s timeline features. It can figure out when the user has time open in his daily schedule to exercise. The app has been developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University. It tracks your daily activity and automatically detects your sleep phases. It is a fully featured app that integrates directly with Pebble’s timeline.

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Tracks Your Activities

With Pebble Health, a free health-tracking system, adds native step counting and sleep tracking to the smartwatches. It offers a friendly, seamless approach to fitness tracking. In addition to providing counts steps and sleep, it also provides you insight on how to improve sleep and also compares your steps to daily average than a preset goal. Newer Pebble Time watches can automatically track fitness and sleep all the time without need of any apps.

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Visual Graphs

Pebble Health provides weekly graphs of both step and sleep statistics. This allows you to see your progress and adjust goals. It is fully compatible with Google Fit and Healthkit.

Pebble Health allows one to track daily activity, automatically detect sleep phases and lots more. It can also integrate with your time and make your daily fitness statistics accessible from any screen. The most impressive part of this app is that the daily progress is measured against your own personal average. This is useful in health tracking in a better way.



To get Pebble Health on your smartwatch, update your Pebble smartphone app and watch. The app is available for Pebble Time, Time Steel and Time Round running Firmware 3.8 and more. The company will release a new health API early next year.

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