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Skype Update Brings Android Wear Support

Android Wear Support

Android Wear devices have recently been made compatible with iPhone and now Skype for Android has been updated to support Android Wear smartwatches. Skype made its way to Apple Watch and now it is bringing to Android Wear. The latest version Skype 6.4 brings Android Wear Support. Now, you can manage your conversations, messaging, new Skype Mojis and the ability to accept or decline calls from Android Wear.

Android Watch Wearers can receive Skype alerts and read new messages right from their wrists. The ability to respond to Skype messages from Android Wear is a useful feature. The launch of Skype for Android Wear smartwatches lets you respond to incoming messages from your wrist, either by speaking into device or by choosing from a selection of pre-written responses. Also, one can draw on watch’s screen with a finger to send an emoji.

The updated app allows one to take calls from your watch and it will transfer to your phone. Yes, you can talk hands-free if you connect a Bluetooth speaker or headset. The watch also allows you to mute, hang up, pause or switch to another incoming call, as and when needed.

Android Wear Support

The android wear watches that are currently supported with this update include Moto 360, Huawei Watch, LG Watch Urbane and the ASUS ZenWatch.

The recent update has largely been focused on bringing the new Android Wear support to Skype users. It also includes the recently released Skype emojis that let you share clips from your favorite movies and TV shows through messaging.

If you have an Android Watch, get the latest update of Skype for Android available now in Google Play Store.

Do you think that this Android Wear support for Skype is a positive plus for Android watch wearers? Share your thoughts on the story in the comments!

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