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Google Photos Updated With Three Incredible Features

google photos

Google Photos is getting a big update with inclusion of the ability to share photo albums. The three new amazing features are designed to make sharing pictures easier. The features are aimed at making it easier to share pictures with their friends and family.

The most significant feature added to the updated Google Photos is the Shared Albums. When you share an album with your friends, they will get an option to press “Join” button. With shared albums, others will be able to contribute their pictures to the stream and they can also subscribe to updates to be notified for each time new photos are added. This new feature works for Android and iOS devices and is also accessible via Web interface.

google photos

A new labeling feature is also a part of the updates. This new feature allows you to easily tag pictures of specific people. This helps to keep the photos organized and also makes it easier for others to find them. The custom labels allow you to add name labels to Google Photo collections of your friends and loved ones.

Another added support is Chromecast support. With updated Google Photos, you can share pictures from your phone’s screen to a much larger TV screen. You can choose what to show up on the TV screen and browse pictures on the phone at the same time. Chromecast sharing is straightforward and you can show off pictures in a much more modern way. Also, you can display animated GIF or Videos stored in Google Photos.

Chromecast support will be available in Android apps this week and iOS devices will get it shortly after.

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