What’s New in Gravity Forms v1.9?

Gravity Forms is undoubtedly one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress powered websites. It builds and publishes WordPress forms in no time. You just need to select your fields, configure options, and easily embed forms to your website. It facilitates easy and quick form-building.

Recently, there has been a major feature release of Gravity Forms, v1.9, which brings to you an amazing set of new and exciting features to make it more convenient to build these forms. This new update, Gravity Forms v1.9, is available to all new users and existing users can get this via downloads page. Let’s have a look over them:

  • Save and Continue Functionality

    Here comes the most anticipated feature of Gravity Forms v1.9. This convenient feature allows your users to fill form now with the option to submit it at a later date. It has been introduced to make form filling a hassle-free process for the users. When a form includes lot many information columns, this feature comes really handy. With Save and Continue functionality, a user will be able to save the progress and return to the form as and when desired. You can enable this button within the Form Settings.

    Gravity Forms v1.9

    When you enable this setting, your users will see an option to save the progress next to the submit button. When clicked, they get a unique URL to return to the form. The update has also eliminated the need to manually save that URL as users are given the option to receive an email with unique URL. Interesting! Isn’t it?

    This amazing feature has been designed to allow a user to save their progress and return to complete and submit the form when they desire. As an administrator, you cannot view or edit saved progress.

  • Native Support of Placeholders

    With this update, Gravity Forms natively support placeholders. They are configured via new Appearance Tab and appear as the first item in the drop down. When available, it will utilize HTML5 and JS when not available.

  • Gravity Forms v1.9

  • Name and Address Field Enhancements

    The Name Field now supports capturing a prefix, first name, middle name, last name as well as suffix. You can customize the sub-labels and placeholders for each one. The update gives you the flexibility to choose which inputs are to be presented to the users. The option for a simple single input Name Field has been removed along with removal of field type setting. Likewise, the Address Field now also provides you granular control over the inputs and sub-labels.

  • Gravity Forms v1.9

  • Introduction to New Form Settings

    When you update Gravity Forms, you will notice some new settings to the Form Settings. These settings will allow you to control the visual placement of Field Description and Sub-Labels on Advanced Fields.

  • Enhancement to Form Editor

    You can now drag-n-drop fields from the Toolboxes and place anywhere on the form. The Form Editor now allows you to quickly place the fields where you want to.

    The Field Settings have been categorized to General, Appearance and Advanced. This will allow you to control the Description Placement and Sub-Label Placement on field by field basis.

  • Address Field Linking

    Here comes a very convenient feature for your users. With Address Field Linking, you can link two address fields, allowing users to populate the content of the field with values from another.

  • Enable Automatic Updates

    This newly introduced feature in Gravity Forms v1.9 will allow you to enable background automatic updates. Although this feature is not enabled by default, you can enable it in the Gravity Form Settings and continue to enjoy new and exciting features and functionalities offered by Gravity Forms.

  • Have any questions about Gravity Forms v1.9? How do you feel about this update? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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