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KBParadise V60 – Matias Quiet Click Keyboard Review

Today, we are reviewing a unique keyboard product called KBParadise V60 – Matias Quiet Click. There aren’t many 60% size mechanical keyboards as most come in the category of 100% or Tenkeyless 80%. The latest version of the keyboard has taken a step further by using Matias Quiet Click switches instead of common Cherry MX Switches. It is a great keyboard for gaming as well as typing. Let’s check out its features:

Multi-functional keys

As the KBParadise V60 – Matias Quiet Click is 60% keyboard, a lot of keys perform more than one function. The keys are clearly labeled – Century Gothic Bold with kerning. The keyboard is definitely an interesting choice and makes it stand out from the other mechanical keyboards.

KBParadise V60 - Matias Quiet Click


The keyboard comes packaged in a sturdy and attractive small package. KBP provides a loose Mini USB cable of approximately 160 cm long with it. Along with the keyboard, there’s an assortment of extra keycaps, a handy two-sided manual sheet and a plastic keycap puller. The manual shows the effects of different DIP switch settings and tables show the functions of Fn key.

KBParadise V60 - Matias Quiet Click

Matias Quiet Click Switches

KBParadise V60 - Matias Quiet Click

Here comes the most unique and appreciating feature of the keyboard – the Matias Quiet Click Switches. These switches work in a different way from Cherry MX Blue or Green switches. They offer a more tactile feel, and sound more mechanical as compared to Cherry MX clicking switches. As the rubber dampeners to the plunger, this dampens the click while maintaining the tactile feel.

Solid Construction

KBParadise V60 – Matias Quiet Click Keyboard is made of plastic and feels really good. The switches are plate mounted and thus, offer a great typing feel. It uses Alps-type wire stabilizers for the long keys that include Backspace, Left Shift, Right Shift, Enter, and Spacebar. It has four large rubber contact pads that keep it in place on your desk. The bottom tray is thin and barely flexes at all when installed.

KBParadise V60 - Matias Quiet Click


KBParadise V60 - Matias Quiet Click

KBParadise features 6 DIP switches on the bottom of keyboard that provide 15 configurations. The Fn key can be used in combination with other keys to control around 36 functions. The manual clearly lists the DIP Switch and Fn options. The Matias version of the keyboard does not include backlighting.

Specifications Details
Approximate Dimensions 11.50″ x 4.00″ x 1.60″
Approximate Weight 1.20 lbs
Switch Type Matias Quiet Click
Multi-media Keys Yes
Built-in Audio Ports No
Key cap color Black
Switch Mount type Plate
Compatibility Windows, Mac
Special Key LEDs No


  • Lovely size: small and light
  • Nice layout
  • Good quality build
  • ABS keycaps

  • No LED in the spacebar
  • Switches are inconsistent

Final Words

Overall, I really like the small and lightweight KBParadise V60 – Matias Quiet Click. This 60% form factor keyboard comes with a standard layout, DIP switches and it’s easy to configure keyboard to various layouts. Typing on the keyboard is a real pleasure and it offers superb tactile feedback. You buy it from Amazon.com.

What are your views about KBParadise V60? Do you like it? Will you purchase it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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