An Introduction to Gray Box Testing

In the previous posts, we have discussed about white box testing and black box testing.
Today, we are going to discuss gray box testing. This testing sometimes called as “Grey Box Testing”, both are one and the same thing.

gray box testing

What is Gray Box Testing (GBT)?
This is third method of testing performed usually after WBT and BBT are done. “Gray Box Testing” or “Translucent Testing” is a combination of black box testing and white box testing. It means in GBT, both procedures of white box and black box testing are performed while testing.

In other words, gray box testing is a technique of testing the software application/product with the limited knowledge of the internal workings of the software application or product. In this testing, it is not necessary to have detailed knowledge of the internal working of a structure code or program. With having limited knowledge of the internal working of a code, a tester can perform testing and can create test cases according to it.

Gray Box Testing is very useful in integration testing and mainly used in penetration testing.

Why Gray Box Testing (GBT) used?
1) This is used to test the web services application.
2) It describes detailed reasons for the error occurrence
3) Testing is conducted from user point of view


  • Suitable for large and complex codes and projects
  • Deep coding knowledge is not necessary
  • This testing can be conducted by developers, testers, or end users
  • Data domains and Internal boundaries can be tested


  • Testing doesn’t focus on web designing test
  • Time consuming
  • Not ideal for algorithm testing

Wrapping Up

We hope that you get an idea about Gray box testing. It helps to detect defects within a service-oriented architecture. If you have something more to add-on to this story, please share it in comments section below.

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