Top 6 Website Speed Testing Tools

Are you getting annoyed with slow speed of your site? Does it take too long to load? Are you looking for ways to improve your content size and webpage size? Do you want to actually test its speed and page load time? If yes, then you can easily enhance the performance of your site by using these well recommended website speed testing tools which will greatly enhance your Website performance, speed and ranking in the search engine results.

1. GTmetrix
GTmetrix is one of the popular website speed testing tools. It is a nice web page analyzer which provides you the facilities to- Track History with Graphs, Performance report with Android device, Test Page Load for different Regions, Checks Page Load for Playback Videos, Alert Setup Option and many more available options and features to speed up your Webpage. GTmetrix improves your Website performance and efficiency and it is powered by most recommended browsers like Firebox, Chrome etc. It is also available as WordPress plugin for the users.

website speed testing tools

Key Features: Track History with Graphs, Analyze on an actual Android device, Test from Multiple Regions, Playback Page Loads with Videos, Set up Monitored Alerts, Save Report Data, Monitor Pages, HTTP Authentication, PDF Reports, API Functionality
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2. YSlow
YSlow is a simple web page analyzer which analyzes WebPages on Yahoo’s predefined rule set. YSlow provides you 34 rules and provide Grades on the basis of these 34 rules which will definitely increase and enhance your Webpage and performance. It also provides suggestions to its users on how to speed up their Webpage and shows the statistics to implement for further. YSlow is available for almost all available browsers in the market such as: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

website speed testing tools

Key Features: Show statistics about the page, Minimize HTTP Requests, Avoid CSS Expressions, Reduce DNS Lookups, Minify JavaScript and CSS, Reduce Cookie Size, Make AJAX Cacheable
Publisher: Yahoo

3. Load Impact
If you are looking for all-in-one feature tool, then Load Impact is the best option to go for. It provides Real-time testing and result for your website. It provides you all Load test results which include Test graph and chart, Automates script, Bandwidth, Requests, Connection active, VUs active and many more. It is one of the easy-to-use website speed testing tools available today.

website speed testing tools

Key Features: Automated testing, API testing, Web & web app testing, Mobile testing, Multi-geo load generation, Automatic and advanced scripting, Supports any HTTP-based application or service

4. Website Speed Test
Website Speed Test is an online speed checker platform for domains and website. It is an online web tool by Page Scoring which provides you steps to enhance the speed of download times.

website speed testing tools

Key Features: Provides Domain Lookup, Display Connection Time, Gives Redirection Time, Show Page Size, Display Download Time, Provides Average Speed of website

5. OctaGate SiteTimer
OctaGate SiteTimer is a tool which informs you how to optimize your Website and reduce the size of your particular webpage. SiteTimer basically records the time and speed taken to download an item like- images, frames, script files etc. from your site. Its basic purpose is to monitor and suggest you how to operate for the things.

website speed testing tools

Key Features: Monitor WebPages, Monitor Download Speed, Display Pages Statistics, Optimize Website, Reduces size of Images, Uses HTTP compression, Load Balancing

6. Pingdom
Among popular website speed testing tools, Pingdom is a wonderful tool created to trace your network response time and network topology related errors. Pingdom performs network connectivity test to a server. It uses two tests named as Ping and Traceroute. Their main function is to send ping packets to a server and wait for server replies with yellow and green bars.

website speed testing tools

Key Features: Checks for Server Response Time, Checks DNS, Email Notifications, Performance Report, Provide Test from Multiple Locations


Creating brilliant website needs significant efforts and to sustain its performance with better Website loading and performance speed matters a lot these days. Just try out these website speed testing tools and know your website statistics.

Do you use website speed testing tools? Which is your favorite one? How has been your experience of using it? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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