Test Management Tools Comparison Part 5

qTest Test Management Tool When it comes to selection of tools for test management, the choices are wide. But, this is also true that every test management tool may not perfectly fits in your requirements. Every tool comes with its own unique features and characteristics. With the purpose to help you in making the right selection, a comparison between different test management tools is essential. We have laid out a comparison table in a simplified manner so that you can easily get an overview about each test management tool. PractiTest and TestLink are compared in this table on several useful attributes.

Here comes test management tools comparison table:

PractiTest TestLink
Home Page http://www.practitest.com/ http://testlink.org/
Trial Period Free 14-days Trial Demo version
Pricing 1. Developer

2. Professional Tester

3. Enterprise Tester

Test Cases Creation test management test management
Test Plan Creation test management test management
Test Suite Creation test management test management
Defects Reporting test management test management
Attachments Facility test management test management
Integration with Bug Tracking Systems, Test Automation Tools and Source Control Systems Bug Tracking Integration
Easy to Operate Useful for small platform Easy, reliable and comfortable
Chart & Graph test management test management
Metrics Report test management test management
Milestones Facility test management test management
Email Notifications test management test management
API Supports test management test management
Import & Export Support Import test cases from Excel or Google Docs and Export Tests from CSV Export documentation to HTML, MS Word and MS Excel

With detailed information about PractiTest and TestLink, we hope that you are in a position to make better decisions about selection of right test management tool. Comparing the several tools was never this easy. We have presented you the easiest way to compare the different features of test management tools. With this table, you can easily compare the features of PractiTest and TestLink and see which one is right for you.

This post is a part of our blog series of comparison between various test management tools, also look at our post comparing QMetry and TestRail.

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