Katalon Studio – A Complete Automation Tool With JIRA Integration

What is Katalon Studio? Katalon Studio is a comprehensive automation testing tool that lets you test faster and launch better software. This popular tool works for both web and mobile app testing. One major reason behind the popularity of Katalon Studio is the ease of use. It is an easy to learn automation testing tool

Klaros-Testmanagement 4.4 Version Released

About Klaros-Testmanagement Klaros-Testmanagement is a professional web based test management tool for the management and organization of quality management. It includes components for planning and execution of test activity. Requirement coverage as well as agile development technologies such as Scrum, Kanban etc. are also supported. In addition to this, the numerous interfaces with issue tracking

Test Management Tools Comparison Part 5

When it comes to selection of tools for test management, the choices are wide. But, this is also true that every test management tool may not perfectly fits in your requirements. Every tool comes with its own unique features and characteristics. With the purpose to help you in making the right selection, a comparison between

Test Management Tools Comparison Part 4

Test Collab and Gemini are two strong options when it comes to test management tools. While Test Collab comes with features like simple to use, better management; Gemini is an elegant ticketing and tracking software for dynamic enterprises. Both come with their own characteristics and we have laid out an easy-to-understand table to help you

Test Management Tools Comparison Part 3

When you are confused in selecting the best test management tool for your business, our comparison table will aid you in making right decision. While there are many test management tools available with different features, functionalities and advantages, we have compared TestLodge and Testuff on important attributes. This comparison table assists you in choosing the

Comparison of Test Case Management Tools Part 2

When it comes to choosing test case management tools, Zephyr and qTest are the recognized names. The two comes with useful functionalities and help you in meeting your needs. qTest is the platform that adds innovative exploratory to the test management, offering a complete solution to help faster and more accurate. On the other hand,

Test Management Tools Comparison Part 1

QMetry and TestRail are the two well-known test management tools and the choice between the two is quite a difficult one. To ease your task of selecting which one best meets your business needs; test management tools comparison has been done. We have researched and listed the various attributes on which these tools can be

Top 10 Test Management Tools for Smarter Testing

“Test management” is a wide term and encompasses everything that testers do. The process is critical, detail-oriented and crucial to ensure that the entire testing efforts are successful. Test management tools are used by test teams to capture requirements, design test cases, test execution reports and lots more. If you are also one of those