Picky, App of the Week, Selects Best Pictures and Auto-Enhances Them

Intelligent Photo Editor: Picky Polarr has released a new app on the iOS Store called Picky which is an intelligent photo editor and enhancer. The app is attracting attention owing to its unique feature of finding the most aesthetically appealing pictures and then automatically editing them. It makes pictures look at their very best. Picky

Momento GIFs – Bring Your Photos to Life is Our App of the Week

Momento GIFs: Create GIFs With release of iOS 10, Apple launched its application store for updated iMessage. One of the popular apps in the slot was Momento which allows one to create GIF animations and share them easily. Now, Momento GIFs is not only available as an extension to iMessage but also as a standalone

Apple Support App: Your Personalized Guide, App of the Week

Apple Support Apple launches the Support app on the US App Store. This new standalone app was first become available in the Netherlands and now, the app has widely been made available. Apple Support app recently released on iOS platform is our app of the week. It is available for download and works on iPhone,

Share Location with Loved Ones with Trusted Contacts, App of the Week

Trusted Contacts App Google has launched a new app called Trusted Contacts for Android users. The app lets your loved ones know that you are safe. This personal safety app allows users to share their locations with friends and family. The best part is that they can share locations even when they are offline. When

Clip and Save From Any App with Microsoft Clip Layer, App of the Week

Microsoft Clip Layer: Clip and Share Effortlessly Microsoft has released a new Android app called Clip Layer to make it hassle-free to copy and share content from any app. For PC users, it is very easy to select, copy and share snippets of text. With a couple of mouse clicks, one can copy and share

Turn Prints into Digital Images with Google PhotoScan, App of the Week

Google PhotoScan Google introduces a new app at the Android and iOS platform called as Google PhotoScan. The app allows one to scan printed pictures using the built-in camera of the device. Though you have several options to turn old pictures into digital copies but Google’s solution goes further by providing various ways in improving

Work from Anywhere in the World with Workfrom, Our App of the Week

Find Best Spots To Work with Workfrom The freelance workforce has seen exponential growth over the few years. A new app called Workfrom has been released to help you find the best spots to work remotely. This mobile app has been designed to help you find nearby coffee shops, bars and other work-friendly spaces in

PDF Viewer – A Complete App for All PDF Needs – App of the Week

Meet PDF Viewer When it comes to PDF viewing apps, there is no lack of them on iOS and Android platform. Such PDF viewer apps include PDF editing tools while some have only viewing feature. Today, we are talking about a very useful PDF Viewer app by PSPDFKit. The special feature that makes this app

NHL SKATE: Hockey Card Trader is Our App of the Week

Meet NHL SKATE Topps has recently announced the launch of NHL SKATE 2017 app. It is the officially-licensed digital trading card collection app of National Hockey League. The app is now available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The app gives you access to exclusive digital card designs as well as full motion

Virtual Reality Teaching Tool, Google Expeditions, Our App of the Week

Here’s Google Expeditions App Google Expeditions has recently made its debut to the iOS platform. The app is easy to use and offers a unique classroom experience by taking students on guided virtual field trips. It has over 200 Expeditions for schools and more are also being added. The expeditions are designed to allow students