How to Enable Click-To-Play Plugins in Different Browsers?

Most web browsers load Flash and other content when you open a webpage. It’s quite annoying that an audio starts playing without warning. Usually, these are background music tracks or advertisement videos but happen to be at the wrong time. When you enable click-to-play plugins, your browser will load a placeholder image to view the

How to Run Multiple Skype Accounts At the Same Time?

Skype is one of the most popular text and video calling apps. Over the years, the popularity of Skype has risen enormously owing to its great features. There often arises a need to login to multiple Skype accounts at the same time from one PC. Skype by default does not offer a way to use

How to Send Messages from Laptop?

There often arises a need to send messages from laptop to a phone number. Luckily, there are many different ways to text from your laptop. Here are the best ways: 1) Through email The first and most useful method to send text is through email. When you know your friend’s phone number and cell phone

How to Retrieve Your Wi-Fi Password?

Most people usually configure the Wi-Fi network once and let the devices remember the Wi-Fi password. We forget about it until a new device is required to be connected or some guests want to access our network. At that time, one may wonder what the password is. When one is tired with trying out the

How to Enable Hyphenation in Word?

Microsoft Word features various text formatting options and one of the useful among them is hyphenation. There are certain situations when hyphenation might be beneficial. When creating documents that contain multiple columns, hyphenation is needed at other times also. Today, we explain the steps to enable hyphenation in Word. Hyphens are especially useful when you

How to Display Parentheses around Negative Numbers in Excel?

When you are working in a spreadsheet and has lot many data, it is beneficial to format these types of data. The formatting is typically not applied by default, but you can always add them. For example, if you are interested in knowing all negative numbers of the spreadsheet, you can choose to display parentheses

How to Print Background Images in Word?

Generally, we print Word documents without background images but sometimes, we need to print Word document with background images. When you added background images to document via Page Color tool then you may not find image in the printing. By default, the option to print background colors and images is turned off. But, MS-word allows

How to Recover Corrupted Word Document?

MS Word users often come across a variety of errors while working on their documents. There can be n number of reasons that cause doc file corruptions like large file size, template corruption, macro errors, hardware failure and more. It is important to repair your word files to get your important information recovered successfully. Today,

How To Reduce File Sizes In Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is widely used for business and personal purposes. But, when they include a lot of images, these can be difficult to send via email. These files become large and take up a lot of memory. Sending large documents slow down your computer and email systems have limitation on size of attachments as well.

How to Overline Characters in Microsoft Word

Many of you may not be aware that Microsoft Word allows you to overline characters. Yes, you heard it right. One can overline characters in Microsoft Word but at the same time, it takes lot of time when need to overline large documents. Make sure that you’re not adding any extra spaces or characters while