How to Avoid Online Scams?

Scams happen all around the world and defraud millions of people each year. They trick you to spend money or sell your phone or take out your personal information. [leaderad] Here are the common tricks that are followed by swindlers and help you to avoid online scams: 1) Know Your Seller Or Buyer When you

How to Convert PDF to JPG?

PDF files form a good way of preserving the content of document, but many times they cause hassle when trying to include them in another document. Also, they require an external application like Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other variants to view them. Converting them to JPG provides you an easy way to view it

How to Block Senders in Gmail

Cleaning up your Gmail inbox is a tedious and repetitive task. It might be a clean inbox today, but tomorrow situation can be changed. When you are looking for ways to block senders in Gmail who send you unsolicited messages, we can help you. [leaderad] Here Are The Several Ways Which You Can Use To