7 Must-Have Windows Phone Apps for Writers

Whether you are a blogger, copywriter, academic or creative writer, there are several Windows Phone apps for writers to make their life easier. The act of writing ties us to computers, laptops and notebooks. Technology has come along with writing and apps have been developed to help writers in completing their tasks. You can use

5 Best Time Management Windows Phone Apps

Having talked about the essential to-do list apps for Windows Phone, now we are focusing on time management apps. These apps let you take the most out of your time and complete all tasks well on time. When you are finding it difficult to complete your personal goals and professional works, these apps help you

Best 5 Windows Phone Spanish Learning Apps

Today, we share useful educational apps that make Spanish learning fun and easy. These apps help you grasp the knowledge about foreign language and improve brain function in several ways. With these apps, you can learn Spanish anywhere and at any point of time. We have covered both free and premium Windows Phone Spanish learning

Best 6 Windows Paint Apps for Kids

Painting gives your kids creative ways to fill colors in their imaginations. Painting is one such activity which keeps them entertained for hours and expands the horizons of children beyond the everyday tasks. Windows offers several opportunities for painting, coloring and drawing activities for children. There are several Windows paint apps for kids that allow

Fix-it Utilities 15 Professional Review

Fix-it Utilities is one of the popular Windows PC maintenance utilities available today. The latest version of the software version 15 comes with reliable protection and security features along with remote control of PCs via an online dashboard. The program includes a suite of utilities to speed and secure up to five PCs. This software

WinZip System Utilities Suite Review

WinZip System Utilities Suite is a good choice when looking for system repair software. The software comes with a handy home screen and a simple interface. It is a complete collection of affordable PC utilities to keep the computers running at their peak performances. It comes with powerful system tools to fix common problems. The

Iolo’s System Mechanic Review

When it comes to choosing PC boost up tools, there’s no dearth of options available. In addition to the popular CCleaner, Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy, there are other useful and comprehensive solutions as well. One of the popular among them is the iolo Technologies’ System Mechanic for PCs that promises all aspects in

Kids Games – Learn Basic Math Review

Greysprings is always known for providing interactive and educative apps and games for the young kids. These apps and games allow kids to learn in a fun and interesting way. Greysprings is recognized for designing and creating kids apps. Today, we are reviewing their recently released game for Windows 8 platform that allows kids to

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Is Not For Everyone. Do You Qualify?

Windows 10 free upgrade is not free for everyone. Devices that are not running genuine, paid-for earlier versions of Windows are not eligible for the upgrade. When Microsoft had announced the free upgrade, the company indicated even pirated versions of Windows would be eligible. Now, it has been clarified. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Editions

Microsoft has finally shared new details of its plans about Windows 10. These details are regarding Windows 10 editions and these editions are designed for all types of customers ranging from consumers to small businesses to largest enterprises. Microsoft has long back announced that existing Windows 7 and 8 would receive a free upgrade to