How to Remove Shadow on Text in Windows?

Windows default settings come with shadow appearance under texts on desktop. Enable or disabling drop shadows for icon labels is very simple. We are here explaining two different ways to remove shadow on text. For any reason, if you want to remove drop shadows, it is not that difficult. You can use any of these

How to Resize Desktop Icons in Windows?

If you are a Windows user who loves to personalize your system, you may want to change the size of desktop icons as well. These icons have a visual effect on shortcuts and program icons, when you want to change the monitor screen resolution or font size. In that case, these icons become either bigger

How to Personalize Command Prompt?

Windows Command Prompt is a useful tool for performing several administrative tasks. It uses a sting of special and non-special characters but looks boring. Do you want to make it look better? Yes, you can personalize command prompt. To learn how to personalize it and change its color, look as well as layout, read this

How to Enable File Sharing In Windows 8?

File sharing is a useful feature in Windows that allows you to get access to files stored on another server’s hard drive. Also, you can allow access to files stored to your computer’s hard drives to another with enabling option for file sharing in Windows. [leaderad] You can turn your computer running Windows 8 into

How to Use Windows Character Map

To understand how to use Windows Character Map, we need to what is a Character Map? A Character Map is in-built in Windows and allows you to view the characters that are not found on your keyboard. You can use Character Map in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 to use special characters in your