Raspberry Pi Zero W Comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Costing Just $10

Raspberry Pi Zero W Raspberry Pi Foundation makes it easy for hardware lovers to afford simple computers that can be used for all fantastical projects. The latest offering is the Raspberry Pi Zero W which is a tiny $10 board that adds Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Though Raspberry Pi 3 is already affordable at $35; but

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3: 10 Times More Powerful Than Original

More Powerful Compute Module 3 Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the Compute Module 3 with a more flexible form factor. It intends to provide a cost-effective route to producing customized products. The original Module was launched in 2014 containing the guts of a first-generation Pi. This new Compute Model 3 is based on Pi 3,

Raspberry Pi Updates Camera with 8MP Sony Sensor

Meet Upgraded Cameras of Raspberry Pi After the launch of Raspberry Pi 3 in February, the manufacturer has announced the launch of two new upgraded cameras called Raspberry Pi Camera v2 and Raspberry Pi NoIR camera v2. Both cameras have been upgraded to 8MP and come with an image sensor to capture 3280 x 2464

Raspberry Pi 3 Adds Built-In Wi-Fi, Costs Only $35

Meet New Raspberry Pi 3 We are a fan of Raspberry. The company continues to amaze its users with new and exciting offerings and especially its great price like Raspberry Pi Zero costs only $5. Now, it is again amusing its customers with an exciting Raspberry Pi 3. Raspberry Pi is a fantastic and surprisingly

Meet The New Raspberry Pi Zero $5 Computer

Raspberry Pi is always known for making affordable computers and has this time comes up with an insanely cheap computer. The Raspberry Pi Zero will only cost $5. You can also check out the key differences between Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino Tre. Raspberry Pi Zero The Raspberry Pi Zero is on sale for $5