Microsoft is developing an iPhone App Called Flow

Microsoft is reportedly developing a new and lightweight chat app called Flow. There are many rumors all around that this app could become the future of all other email apps. According to the description of the app on Twitter, the team behind Outlook is working on an instant messaging-like email app for iPhone. The app

How to Extract Zip Files On iPhone?

When large documents are sent as email attachments, they are often compressed into ZIP files. This helps to reduce the size of email as there are attachment file size limits. Though compressing is a good way to send heavy documents, but devices like iPhone or iPad cannot open ZIP files. A great way to open

Laundrapp – The Dry Cleaning and Laundry App Review

Laundrapp disrupts the laundry industry in the same manner as Uber disrupts the taxi industry and later Airbnb with its room-finding service is disrupting the hotel industry. The on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service takes out the hassles of washing by delivering straight to consumers’ door. Laundrapp CEO Ed Relf said, “Laundrapp is a completely

Top 7 iPhone 6 Cases

iPhone 6 comes with a curvy new design and a larger ever 4.7 screen. When you’re an iPhone owner, you obviously want to keep all the goodness safe for as long as possible. iPhone 6 is slim and slick which makes it a little difficult to hold it securely when you’re moving around. Here comes

Prynt: An Instant Camera Case

Inspired by original Polaroid instant camera, Prynt team has come up with a smartphone case that brings back the act of physical photo sharing. Though cases are usually about protection and style, the Prynt case lets you print pictures in just 30 seconds. This modular unit acts as a case as well as a printer.

What’s Different in Week Weather App for iPhone?

Though there’s no dearth of weather apps for iPhone, the recently released Week Weather app catches our attention. This slick app follows a different approach to weather. If you are also one of those who prefer to have quick overviews of weekly forcasts, Week Weather app perfectly fits in. Weather apps are an essential part

How to Use Google for Search In iPhone, iPad And Mac?

If you love to use Google for search queries, you can easily set up Google as the default search engine whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Here are the ways to do the same. Safari in iOS The Safari Browser work incredibly in your iPhone or iPad but when you search for a

How to Reset Your Android Phone or an iPhone?

Are you facing problems with your Android phone? Most of the times, a factory reset helps you to fix issues. It is a perfect solution when you are having problems with touch screen, navigation problems, phone won’t power on at all and others. Factory reset is also useful when you want to sell your Android

How to Type Faster On Touch Screen Smartphone?

Touchscreen smartphones have always been used to send out emails and text messages. For all those who want to speed up their typing on a touch keyboard, here are the useful tips. These suggestions are useful for any smartphone with a touch pad, be it Android, Windows or Blackberries phone. Ways to type faster on

How to Stop SMS Spam on Your Phone?

Are you tired of receiving spam messages on your iPhone or Android phone? The mobile spam is the common practice from scammers to send spam texts to random people. The good thing is that you can stop SMS spam on your phone by following these methods: For iPhone Users When you receive spam messages on